Tia Juana History

Tia Juana Mexican Grill Tia Juana was founded by three partners, Greg, Speedy and Lalo, and has been opened for 10 years. Its d├ęcor is fresh and bright from the blue and yellow counter tops to the fancy paper lace and Fiesta Codelas hanging from the ceiling.

Greg arrived in the U.S. from Michoacan in 1989 and began learning the restaurant trade, first as an dishwasher, then by busing tables. So Greg knows first-hand what it takes to a make booming business. Among the elements at Tia Juana is booming latin music, which makes one want to get up and dance as if at a real Mexican Fiesta. Tia Juana features fast food with a twist, all the ingredients used are fresh. Greg says "That's one of the things people really love. We make all our own stuff. The recipes are old, original recipes. Greg says that he has learned from his mother and grandmother".

Greg runs an efficient kitchen, which helps explain why customer start streaming in early for lunch. By noon Tia Juana is almost full. In addition to the Sunnyvale location, Mr. Greg Gutierrez and his two partners also own a Tia Juana in Fremont, which is large enough to host banquets.

 901 E. Duane Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 | Phone: (408) 730-8578